Monday, November 12, 2007

OlyPMR helps the war effort

Question: What do the dopes of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance and the Bush administration have in common?
Answer: They are both comprised of radical, out-of-touch, dogmatists working feverishly to keep the Iraq war going forever.

Interestingly the OlyPMR was created to do the exact opposite. But "direct actions" like yesterday only serve to harden the hearts and minds of those whom they are supposedly trying to reach. Somehow I doubt your average soccer mom will be convinced to finally vote anti-war after seeing these guys throwing trash in the street and intentionally block traffic. Actions like these give the Fox News and Rush Limbaughs of the world a perfect opportunity to say, "Look! See how the evil anti-American leftists hate our troops!?" Doesn't matter if they're right or not because perception beats reality every time, especially to the typical distracted American. The end result is the war goes on and on and on.

And why do the peace-and-justice types always cry police brutality when the cops respond appropriately to violent protest?
As I posted at

When citizens intentionally physically block other citizens going about their business, it is not a "peaceful" protest.

When citizens destroy private property and throw trash on a public thoroughfare, it is not a peaceful protest.

When citizens refuse to comply with peace officers legal orders it is not a peaceful protest.

Citizens who engage in such activity are engaging in VIOLENCE and should not be surprised by a proportional response from those whose job is to maintain public order.

I went on to note that turning the focus from the Iraq war to a local government's relatively even-handed response, completely defeats the purpose of demonstrating in the first place. Isn't civil disobedience supposed to elicit a response from government? Weren't they trying to get arrested? If so, why complain, they got exactly what they came looking for.

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