Thursday, November 15, 2007

Irrational Evergreen hatred

This week I've become addicted to the Olympians comment boards, especially on the many stories dealing with the protests. Anonymous boards always seem to attract comments from some serious nut jobs and a major theme has been how The Evergreen State College is the root of all this stupidity. Some of the following board posts illustrate the craziness.

Save the money..close the cess pool of nut jobs.

I believe that school should be closed down vs expanded, they have caused nothing but problems to this community. Thats all these greeners need is new facilities. If they are so environmentally friendly, they should live off the land, save money on water since most of them don't use it, they can sit around the low emission camp fire, smoke their weed and tell their tall tales.
-- Robert

I don't disagree with the assertion that many of these protesters are Evergreen students with maybe a professor or two thrown in. Evergreen has a well deserved reputation as being a haven for ultra-liberal teachers and students. Unfortunately that reputation leads many in this community to believe ALL students and professors at Evergreen are out-of-touch socialist, Earth Liberation Front sympathizers. Nothing could be further from the truth.
My experience at Evergreen was the most fulfilling and worthwhile of my academic career. I've attended 5 colleges over the years and TESC was by far the best. The outstanding evening and weekend studies program allowed me and hundreds of others to attain a degree while still working full time. I studied Management with a concentration in International Business. The program was tough, demanding and difficult. Most of my fellow students were just like me, working adults (often with families) trying to get ahead in life. Many went on to Masters degree programs at prestigious universities around the country. These were definitely not the wild-eyed, out-of-touch dip shits we've seen down at the port. Those people represent an extreme minority of the students and staff at Evergreen.
So like many Greener-grads, I get extremely irritated when those ignorant of what the school has to offer make comments about shutting it down.

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